Week of January 23, 2022

A Special Note of Gratitude From All of Us At FCC:
Hadley, Alan, and AJ THANK YOU for coming into the office, after work, to work on getting FCC a “Donate Now” button on the web-site! 

Music Notes: The lyrics of this morning’s anthem were written by James Weldon Johnson – a Black man from Jacksonville, Florida, who became a leader in the Harlem Renaissance…Johnson was a lawyer, a teacher, a poet, a diplomat and a civil rights organizer. He was the leader of the NAACP for 10 years, the first Black professor hired by New York University, and the U.S. consul to Venezuela and later Nicaragua. He and his brother, composer J. Rosamond Johnson, also together wrote about 200 songs for Broadway musicals. In 1900, while serving as a school principal in Jacksonville, Johnson was asked to speak at a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Instead of a speech, he wrote a poem, which his brother then set to music. It was sung by 500 schoolchildren at the event, but the Johnson brothers didn’t think it would ever spread beyond that. They were wrong.

Reminder: Sunday worship is now held in the Chapel for the winter.

Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 6:45 PM.  Everyone is welcome to join our weekly on-line bible study. We use the Google Meet as our platform.  You do not need a Gmail or Google account. 

Please call the office to let Sue or Jessica know you are interested and Jessica will send you

the link with instructions.

On the back of today’s announcements is a Missions’ survey to determine congregation members preference for the frequency of our missions collections as well as the particular non-profits that you would like to support. Please fill out the survey and return it via email, mail, or drop it off to the office by February 1, 2022. Thank you.

Next month’s Communion offering is for The Welcome Home Initiative — a collaboration among Franklin/Grand Isle CVOEO- Community Action, First Congregational Church of St Albans (FCC), Grace Episcopal Church in Sheldon, the Sheldon Methodist Food Shelf (SMFS), as well as other churches and businesses that have donated to the Initiative.  Welcome Home provides people transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing with new home essentials (mop, broom, dishes, cleaners, trash can, pots & pans, etc.), personal items (shampoo, deodorant, etc.), and a full pantry, fridge, and freezer stock of food.  FCC manages and stores the housewares stock and financials; Grace Episcopal provides all the kitchen wares; SMFS stores and provides all the personal care items and the food; Community Action is our liaison for social workers and their clients. 

The Welcome Home Wish List (new items only please) Pillows, Laundry Basket, Kitchen Trash Can (10 gal), Trash Bags (13 gal), Mop, Plastic Clothes Hangers. All Purpose Spray Cleaner.